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Slimming treatment in our clinic primarily for the purpose of weight loss a New System with Real Metabolic Rate Measurement, abdominal and visceral fat Environmental Measurements are made. Then general muscle and is done by measuring the body fat composition showing the liquid state.This is determined feeding programs and treatment of people according to the results. Mainly used in treatment programs;

  • Shock wave acupuncture and weight loss: weight loss by speeding up metabolism.
  • Regional with planer Shock Wave Attenuation: especially belly fat and fat on the belly of burning and tightening
  • With Mesotherapy Slimming: Especially local slimming and cellulite treatment is applied as a painless new generation compressor guns
  • Awtar with weight loss: for Regional roundup and tightening sagging Besides slimming cellulite treatment.
  • Passing in front of ThermaLipo with Regional Slimming and Firming Regional Weak to skin relaxation
  • Starvac Reflex therapy in the treatment of cellulite and help with thinning rapidly thinning.Powerful therapy in lymph flow regulation
  • Ozone Treatment
  • Ozone Sauna accelerate metabolism and skin beautification.
  • Oxygen Dynamed Spa burning fat and speed up metabolism and oxygen power
  • Ozone Punctura
  • Ozone Lipolysis: Regional slimming and cellulite Lipodisolution

Shock Waves Acupuncture and Weight Loss

There is a special place in acupuncture weight loss treatment. Need a lot of influence in the weakening of acupuncture in recent years have been published in both animal experiments and human studies have shown serious scientific journals and has been accepted. Therefore acupuncture on the issue in almost all countries in the world are used in slimming treatments. The most major impact on acupuncture slimming can be summarized as follows.

  • By getting a strong impact with the shock wave acupuncture acupuncture can increase metabolic rate.
  • Satiety in the hypothalamus region of the brain is stimulated with acupuncture treatment center as serious. Thus, the feeling of fullness occurs quickly.
  • However, the hunger center in the hypothalamus in the brain and manifests itself in the form of pruning reduced feeling of hunger.
  • Applications of acupuncture in the brain release endorphins group of hormones such as serotonin increases. Thus, an increase in the feeling of happiness, increases resistance to stress factors and in compliance with the diet program easier.
  • Blood sugar may occur at night, especially in diet programs fall and therefore preventing excessive eating.
  • Regulating the gastric acidity prevented excessive acid secretion through vagal and prevent diseases associated with hunger. Auriculoterapi: firstly then developed by the French dr Nogier and ear acupuncture for Nogier is very advanced. All ear acupuncture (auriculoterapi) permanent and in a very thin disposable needles earrings called the treatment is used.

Planar Shock Wave Therapy In Abdominal Fat

Also today, which is one of the newly developed method Planer Technological shock wave therapy gives very good results, especially in the treatment of abdominal fat. However, strong oil and 5 cm depth planar shock waves can be in the tissue within a short period of time measured in nanoseconds is enough to reduce the fat tissue by disrupting the cell membrane of abdominal fat as reversible as new technological developments. It should only be held not in terms of cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer as well as exercises to be applied in dealing with important abdominal fat in terms of diabetes mellitus and the so-called metabolic syndrome, newly complicated diseases chain is very important that everyone according to their physical and endurance.

Mesotherapy and Mesolipolysis

Especially preferred methods are the act of a local slimming and cellulite treatment. Mezoterapi treatment for a long time although it has been found in 1952. Due to serious results in effective treatment of cellulite and local slimming treatment at all it not lost its popularity and are widely used all over the world or America from France as of today. Treatment with mesotherapy is the advantage to apply different approaches according to different cellulite and regional weight types to be one where the most important factor with another preferred nedenmi a drug Although the treatment in the form of microinjection of drugs is very small doses except for mild allergies rarely can be caused be the side effect risk is minimal .

StarvacReflexotherapy Application Slimming and Cellulite Treatment

Today, the treatment for cellulite and obesity is one of the fastest-help therapy, the hemodynamics alindigi as a reference body is a very old method of application options. Active drainage process on broken skin tissue by activation of the reflex Reflexoterapi performed. Otomasite yavaşlamiş or deformation of the body has lost its reflexes are put into practice. Lymph and blood circulation increases, the body is shaped and regional thinning lines are provided in the body by removing toxins relief and lightness is felt. Reflexoterap body cellulite treatment supports Treatment options outside of a fast delivery system is extremely relaxing and exhilarating. Although widely used in the world, our country has not yet had the opportunity to meet with this system three years ago. Reflexoterap only obesity, cellulitis and sagging not used in the treatment, but also the body deformation evolving custody bagged them as secondary, cracks, post-operative traumas to scars, leg swelling, sports medicine and physical therapy for rehabilitation in the widely used.

The main principles to be followed in the weight loss program can be summarized as follows:

Essential constituent of the body are amino acids and proteins. In particular, our immune system, our system, our hormones and brain development and our muscle enzymes which have so indispensable to all life should be enough for absolute precision protein diet and nutrition programs. The amount of protein should be taken of gender and age varies according to certain characteristics. Beli major sources of protein meats that they may be red meat or white meats, but not recommended by the doctor based on age and gender appropriate. Eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese type products include vegetable proteins such as beans and havansal certain proteins.

OILS receiving some fatty acids in oils, although all restricted diet is important and necessary.

Carbohydrates Carbohydrates are sugar compounds that are restricted to some extent in all diet programs. Attention should be paid to taking vitamins and minerals.

New Approach In The Hidden Risk Of Obesity and Weight Loss

To define obesity, excessive or body mass index is used to determine whether weak (BMI) calculation of your weight, it is divided by the square of your height.

For example, 60 to 70 kilos and 1 tall here. 1. 60 square meters (1 60X1. 60) = 2 is 56. 2. When you divide the resulting 70 to 56 27 34 kilograms / square meter determines your body mass index. If your body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more if you have weight problems and obesity means it is at risk. Recently, however, studies of body mass index (BMI) reveals that seen in humans with obesity-related conditions, even within the normal range.

From the Mayo Clinic cardiologist. According to Dr. Lopez and his team; people have a normal body mass index but more body fat, high cholesterol, fatty around the waist, although these people have other types of metabolic syndrome and diabetes are faced with great danger of heart disease. You can be normal weight but obesity was under threat.

What Is The Secret Of Obesity

Dr. Lopez-Jimenez et al. described obesity as a condition seen too much. According to the data; 2127 persons with normal body mass index in men and 61% of the adult female population have been identified in this case and in men, women, race is seen to without saying. These problems affect almost everyone.

Sedantar so hareketisiz life often becomes less muscle mass, which is why the increase in fat mass. High body fat by 20% in men 's over, while the women are defined as above 30%.

How You Will Learn The Body Fat Percentage

Lopez-Jimenez as the best way to make learning a person's percentage of body fat is to use a reliable bioelectrical impedance machine. This tool can assess the percentage of body fat in less than 1 minute. Body fat percentage was tried previously used is no longer determined by manually measuring the thickness of the skin of the person who is an old method. However, the method is not preferred since it is less reliable than both very time-consuming practice.

Studies related to waist circumference measurement method instead of a tape measure new belly fat percentage and visceral adiposity measurements of the environment; Although many people's waist circumference is seen in the normal range it was identified obesity. I mean waist circumference values ​​in women; Although smaller than 94cm was observed in 80 male obesity in the human. This is to comment on the tape of the measure shows that waist circumference is a reliable method. Until this day, as measured by the abdominal region-wide tape measure or skin thickness measured detected abdominal adiposity risk of no longer become can be detected with new technological method gives more accurate and objective results have been realized with the new technology measurement method developed in Japan.

We start using the bioelectrical impedance measurement principle in our country with infrared laser technology, the new technology is used to lubricate the abdomen and internal organs can be measured separately lubricated environment. Just a few minutes and it can be effortlessly walkable in 30 older men with this measure, and women over 35, especially the lubrication of the abdomen is seen as a serious risk factor for cardiovascular disease and lubrication of internal organs environmental detection and corresponding treatment programs.

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