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Acupuncture treatment of the most common weight loss, migraine type headaches, allergic bronchitis and asthma, neck, low back pain and hernias, I'm using the knee joint pain and some neurological disorders and stress therapy and for the treatment of various diseases caused by stress cause. Both the World Health Organization, WHO, NIH America as well as national health organization we count above diseases and acupuncture in the treatment of addiction They are especially recommended.

Acupuncture in IVF

Acupuncture treatment in IVF increases the chance of success of 25% to 45%. Canada and the United States to apply the acupuncture treatment compared with European source because it is the right way.

Allergic Asthma and Acupuncture

World Health Organization and the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the list of their publications have recommended that acupuncture treatment of allergic bronchitis, allergic asthma. In applied scientific studies on the effectiveness of acupuncture in these matters seriously and it has been proven to this day find its place in the world.

Shock Waves Acupuncture

Acupuncture in five thousand years of history began recently with the shock waves in Germany and Switzerland to practice acupuncture treatment in Turkey.

ŞShock wave acupuncture method of producing 1500 meters per second shock wave rapidly reach under the tissue, it is forwarded to the appropriate headings help of acupuncture points. Acoustic shock wave therapy on acupuncture points to bring about biochemical alerts method is successfully implemented and intended effect of removing the maximum point.

Shock wave shot with compressed air system with special shock transmitter. Bullet placed transmitters are being accelerated by compressed air. Thus, a surface acoustic energy is transformed into kinetic energy projectile affected by the shock produced. Shock wave acupuncture treatment requires only a few seconds, very short-term application of each acupuncture point. Points stimulated effectively increases blood circulation and lymphatic flow in the targeted regions.

Reach region can not find the application area of traditional acupuncture and intensive domain owner soles of the feet and very deep in a private acupuncture points were akupunk shock wave acupuncture method creates the chance to reach the point more as effortlessly and accurately, and it is possible to stimulate painless.

Especially for children with needle phobia and preferred method of acupuncture become comfortably convert possible to say that acupuncture also increase the impact of the shock wave method is weakening;

  • Neck and back pain
  • Tennis elbow,
  • Soles of the feet pain,
  • Allergic asthma, bronchitis,
  • Lymph edema,
  • Arthritis, rheumatic diseases and osteoarthritis

Constipation (constipation) and, spastic colitis also possible to get highly successful is that thirteen.


Ozonepuncture application is actually a combination of acupuncture treatment with ozone therapy is a new treatment method. There are 12 pairs known as meridians used in acupuncture, acupuncture points are located on these meridians. Acupuncture has called chi energy flows between points in this meridian. Stimulation of the acupuncture points with ozone therapy gives an additional impetus to the flow of energy between the meridians. In addition to the cells in the fields of application of ozone in the ozone treatment of hemoglobin it is known to leave more oxygen. therefore, the cells in the region where the acupuncture points are therefore exposed to more oxygen supply will stay. Better oxygenation of cells in the treatment of acupuncture points will increase the effects of pruning and the warning will be warned more strong. Aimed at weakening applications Ozonepuncture metabolism and body strengthening and invigorating treatments with significant gains in applying brain endorphin release enhancer may be possible to achieve. Ozonepuncture therapy alone or in combination with ozone therapy and acupuncture. pain treatment, gives very positive results in rheumatic disease group.

Acupuncture and Weight Loss

There is a special place in acupuncture weight loss treatment. Need a lot of influence in the weakening of acupuncture in recent years have been published in both animal experiments and human studies have shown serious scientific journals and has been accepted. Therefore acupuncture on the issue in almost all countries in the world are used in slimming treatments. The most major impact on acupuncture slimming can be summarized as follows.

  • Satiety in the hypothalamus region of the brain is stimulated with acupuncture treatment center as serious. Thus, the feeling of fullness occurs quickly.
  • However, the hunger center in the hypothalamus in the brain and manifests itself in the form of pruning reduced feeling of hunger.
  • Utgul AmAlArIylA acupuncture group of hormones such as endorphin release in the brain of serotonin increases. Thus, an increase in the feeling of happiness, increases resistance to stress factors and in compliance with the diet program easier.
  • Blood sugar may occur at night, especially in diet programs fall and therefore preventing excessive eating.
  • Regulating the gastric acidity prevented excessive acid secretion through vagal and prevent diseases associated with hunger.

We prefer the shock wave therapy and acupuncture treatment in slimming Auriculoterapi yöntemim.

Shock Wave Acupuncture

Basically acoustic shock waves is the body without the use of acupuncture needles is a method by means of stimulation of acupuncture points. Currently, Switzerland, and this method should be used in Germany as well as weakening tadavilr we started to use other acupuncture treatment.


After initially developed by the French dr Nogier and ear acupuncture for Nogier is very advanced. All ear acupuncture (auriculoterapi) in the treatment of very thin and we use a so-called permanent disposable needles earrings.

Migraine and Acupuncture Treatment

Migraine is a disease that leads to a significant loss of power is fairly common in our age.

Along with visual migraine symptoms can be found on the stomach and bowel disorders painless pressure repeater is emerging in the form of crises.

The cause of migraines is not fully known. Migraine various visual disorders intracranial artariyel seen before the crisis likely to contraction, migraine headaches in the scalp artery (artery in) depends on expansion requirement. Migraine, families in the past and seen more often in women with migraine disease, but it occurs in young age is a disease that can be seen in all ages together. Migraine headache free but usually keeps half the cuff commonly seen in the form of headache.

Before putting the diagnosis of migraine migraine painless vascular disorders of the brain in a similar way açabileceg pain it should not be forgotten. Doctors çikarabileceg other signs of disease develop such a meticulously built and the necessary research should and should not rule out such a disease investigation.

Diagnosis of migraine must be placed by a neurologist expert.

Acupuncture has become possible to treat the migraine disease at a very high rate. The best aspect of the treatment with acupuncture is that it can permanently heal the migraine disease, because it is repeated even in the past or temporarily eased with migraine pain medication. Temporary not permanent acupuncture can provide the healing migraine headaches. This treatment must be considered here is carried out by trained and qualified acupuncturists. alone to address the adverse effects of acupuncture treatment for pain medication even be a reason. Gastritis or ulcer can use a human example of how pain medication, which can occur in such a situation bleeding in the stomach or duodenum. In acupuncture therapy such as side effects or not the same is possible to treat ulcers or gastritis disease of the treatment session.

Acupuncture treatment of migraine disease "To sum up the healing functionality’’;

  • Ensuring that homeostasis and autonomic balance acupuncture,
  • Body's self produced natural painkillers, the endorphin hormones with acupuncture gets increased the,
  • Migraine Serotonin substance which dropped during the crisis, causing the scalp to widen the artery. These substances are increasing with acupuncture and thus aimed to eliminate the pain,
  • Acupuncture leads to the reduction of pain and some pain agents synthesized in the body.

I find it useful to open a topic here that is curious, many people are asking the correctness of acupuncture with drug use. Drug combinations should be used with acupuncture treatment if necessary. Samples of sound artists and more can be seen in people who use voice hoarseness as teachers using acupuncture along with special herbal medicines I'm getting quick and effective results.

It is reported in an interesting way hereditary connection between asthma and migraine. Permanent, as in allergic bronchitis and asthma, migraine disease may be able to subsequently improved.

Treatment Of Low Back Pain With Acupuncture and Knee Calcification

Low back pain is dealt with in a very broad spectrum.

  • Sharp, blade-style and invasive types of pain: Often occurs as a result of heavy lifting or bending. 1-2% of low back pain have been of this type. The best treatment is surgical intervention. Very rare is the sudden herniation of lumbar disc.
  • The common types of pain: it may spread to the hip and leg, the most common type, back injury. Cause by Lack of exercise, relaxation… psychosomatic causes of musculoskeletal and excess weight are caused by the start of this type. Untreated they can go to full herniation. Acupuncture and microinjection (mesotherapy) can treat them as soon as possible.
  • Dejoneratif pain and progressive types of pain: the legs can spread up to the middle chest and knees. In both legs it is felt as numbness and fatigue. Acupuncture is a useful method.

They see the benefits of knee arthritis in both directions from the acupuncture treatment.

  • Restriction of movement of the joints due to arthritis is reduced. It increases the mobility of joints.
  • Long-term treatment with the body's repair system is activated arthritis (arthritis) are softened and fell. Also intraarticular injection in the knee arthrosis also increase the effect of therapy.

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