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Over 20 years, I do this salmon treatments, and its source is France. I started to practice in France first which brought the age of the freshness, fine wrinkles, lost moisture back that salmon antioxidants and vitamins consisting of cocktails and the development of technology in recent years, hi-frequency mesolifting treat the name of the field. This treatment gives excellent appearance to the skin. Hand wrinkle is women's nightmare, and also cleavage wrinkles... The treatment in the last 10 years gets shown and applied. Interest in male environment, smoking, threaten our skin health as the sun that and accelerate aging factors must show the care we show our body to protect the skin health matter to be considered and youth. Sunlight as the only cause of aging of skin wrinkles and stress in hi-frequency mesolifting treatment consisting of various salmon antioxidant and vitamin cocktails on antiaging elastin responsible for replenishing the skin and collagen structure of the group of cells called fibroblasts that allows the synthesis of life in comes into play in this regard. According to the results of scientific studies have proven the effectiveness, mesolifting treatment towards the skin healthy and youthful appearance give himself a proven method.

Natural and permanent way mesolifting treatment that enables the rejuvenation of the skin by increasing the number of fibers elastic and collagen of the skin, lips that limited the use of the particular filler treatment in the face of higher (smoker line) and neck with the lower eyelid with the environment, low-cut, a method successfully applied in the hands and feet back. Methods many years ago, except for the technology used in the form of implementation of the treatment since we performed in France a lot event with its place in the first row in the anti-aging applications it is always I use in Turkey and mesolifting antioxidants on I tried salmon vitamin cocktails and increase the moisture capacity of the skin, hyaluronic acid A method of injection of the combination of the skin. With this method, wrinkle treatment and skin rejuvenation it is possible to get very effective results. This treatment also is possible to slow down considerably the aging of the skin. "With age passes and elastin in the skin changes with environmental factors and collagen content of the skin structure is reduced. Activity of fibroblasts responsible for the vitality of the skin and this produces fibers decreases. Thus was old, skin loses its elasticity, the top layer begins to produce less collagen and elastic fibers.

By weakening the connective tissue, the skin and causes the release itself to the emergence of persistent wrinkles. When you begin to notice tiny fine lines around your eyes and you'll get the first signals of this inevitable process. The aging process of the skin began to work step by step.

How Are We Getting Older

20 to 30 Age: There is no wrinkles, there are local spots in the epidermis. It can be turned off using a fine foundation.

30-40 there are lines formed AGE ridiculous. The kullanılarakkapatıl Foundation. 30-40 years shows the skin.

40-60 Years Old: There are permanent creases in the static line. Not only in the hands and feet back and décolleté wrinkles began percent. Measures are not limited to just face.

60 Years And Over: There Percent common wrinkles. Décolleté, severe deformation has occurred in the hands and feet back.

Mesolifting method with hands and feet wrinkles of décolleté: Only the face is not in your hands, if you have wrinkles on your feet back and neck, it was not enough to hide your age face transactions you make. He also found the remedy. Now, as the face-to-face with all the rejuvenation practices implemented in sırttlarına hands and feet. Mezolift we use not only for skin rejuvenation and wrinkle facial skin also after middle age or the age of the people who turned back the hands of skin wrinkling seen in old age is also quite effective. In addition, the relaxation of wrinkles in the skin of the abdomen with legs formed within the region is entering menopause treatment coverage.

Mesolifting method as the percentage or be able to eliminate wrinkles significantly in middle age if you hand back the initiation of treatment to prevent the formation of skin wrinkles or it is possible to substantially slow down. Moreover, it is possible to achieve this result are generally in six sessions. People of a certain age who places that are visible wrinkles on the face and back of the hand as a positive psychological impact their correct treatment with this mesolifting microinjection and we observe the influence positive social relationships and work life that".

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