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Skin rejuvenation and stretching with golded thread network: 99.9 percent gold particles coated with a polymer: PDO (Polydioxanone) is the method used for facial rejuvenation and stretching the neck and body.

Cleopatra's story and gold lift treatment: the most beautiful woman in all the ancient Egyptian pharaohs Cleopatra v11 is. Ancient sources say that when she died at the age of 39, she had a skin of 15 year old girl. These gold particles, by Egyptian pharaohs, used in rejuvenation and therapy that served as the secrecy of the youthness.

What is the golden thread treatment: PDO yarns coated with gold particles for facial rejuvenation and stress is applied to the neck area. Sagging body, especially arms, applied to various parts of the body, especially the abdomen and buttocks sagging region. Treatment of blood flow in areas where implementation provides significant increases. Also making the arms elastically expanding and largely in the genes.

A metal with gold sterilization effect. Anti-allergic effects are. Also locally increase the skin's immune system is ineffective.Treatment is achieved in a single session. Rarely it has no known side effects except for short-term temporary bruising or swelling. No pain is almost negligible. 15-30 minute sessions conducted in a short time. After the treatment, the person can continue his daily life the same day.

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