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Both your face is so new skin rejuvenation treatment that provides both applied PRP renewing cells using rich plasma platelets relaxation occurring in different parts of the body skin tissue increased wrinkles and sagging of age consists of 40s with 30s.Another effect of PRP therapy is the most important permanent injuries that have occurred on the skin, is on track improvements such as acne and chicken pox. Such as 2 weeks treatment show the results in a short time. The aging of our skin can be likened to a sense of injury. Textures benefit from platelett to repair itself. Platelets are the trigger that initiated the restructuring and rejuvenation process in the tissues.

Plasma Treatment Of Circulating In Your Veins Stimulate Healing

Our blood platelets when any damage to our tissues initiates a repair process by collecting this tissue. The purpose of the PRP application is to provide a much larger number of platelets which may be carried by the bloodstream to the target tissue. Thus, the repair of damaged tissue so quickly and strongly and results in faster start. Because the density of blood eld is the platlet PRP is more than 2 to 4 times. Called platelets, the platelets. These cells are cells that play an important role in wound healing our bodies. PRP treatment of individuals from their bioactive plattelet rich plasma (plasma rich in growth factors including platelet recovery secreted from) the stimulation of the cells injected into the dermis layer of the skin is provided.

People are comprising administering subcutaneous injections through small skin resulting platelet rich plasma after its administration form of the applied blood PRP person in a special blood separation kit platinum. Transplant procedure is quite easy, but with a strong influence of platelet treatment. Volume path to attain a healthy and youthful appearance of the skin by increasing the number of elastic fibers and collagen passes from natural and permanent way to rejuvenate. PRP cell stimulation increases the activity of the cell to repair itself. It also ensures the continued viability of cells increases the skin's moisture content by controlling metabolic events. In fact, the roots of diseased or injured tissue regenerative mechanisms in cells through the bloodstream in order to repair it is a fact that is well known in recent years as orientation to the tissue.

Fully fiyolojik and natural may remain slow in terms of the effect of satisfactory repair it disrupts this process, the rich blood from stem cells in studies on stem cells sick or injured tissue directly and is intended to accelerate the healing process by giving intensive. Similarly, skin rejuvenation in the desired tissue is injected directly into the target dense and skin. Face with this method, called the treatment of PRP, neck, décolleté, inner leg, we provide skin rejuvenation knee tops and belly with hands over and over the foot area. HANDS’ AGE SHOWS YOUR AGE aging symptoms are manifested in the hand as observed percent.

Usually nesters wrinkles and skin rejuvenation treatments are limited in the low-cut back and hands. PRP therapy developed for the lifting effect of creating sagging and wrinkled skin is developing a solution to this problem. HOW TO ENSURING EFFECTIVE the full implementation MUST immediately after the PRP treatment in practice clarify a healthy and shiny appearance of the skin. At the end of 3-4 applications becomes apparent lasting

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