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Ozone treatment of diseases in general which ozone treatment can be done? Ozone treatment with many pathological conditions become better or recover completely. This is proven by a series of medical research and medical publications. As a rule, the treatment of diseases ozone is applied in addition to other treatments, it enters complementary medicine. For all patients, ozone therapy to come in Europe many therapists together to learn quickly the latest developments related to the "Medical Society for ozone application in prevention and therapy", they form the unity of the purpose of the doctors and patients of this group to improve their knowledge about these issues and to advance. Information exchange has accelerated further in the years and developed.

Medical ozone, which, if implemented according to the rules completely safe, practical, effective and inexpensive. Naturally, as in other medical treatment 100% guarantee it can never be promised, treatment success for treated cases of the disease and the patient depends on the general health situation, but reduction is necessarily the ozone improvement in the patient's overall treatment and pain. Success patient and the procedure described as the condition of the disease depends on the concentration and density. Preventive treatments against infections for ozone treatment of influenza (flu) from hepatitis B, hepatitis C, is used for a wide range of protective ranging from serious infections such as AIDS.

Circulatory disorders, arterial circulatory disorders in hands felt cold in the legs as well as other symptoms, alarm symptoms are pain in the foot after a short walk on, it creates a very important indication for ozone therapy for 40 years. Ozone treatment of circulatory disorders success has been proven by a large number of medical work done. In addition to ozone can be used in combination with conventional therapies, or complementary anti-aging (aging backwards) and revival of business life stress, hard work tempo, mental and physical fatigue, ozone (O3) gives a very good response to therapy. Ozone red and general well-being with the metabolism of white blood cells akivasyo the people themselves are feeling renewed. Professional sportsmen and women benefit greatly from this treatment.

Ozone increases physical endurance. Treatment and prevention in older people for older people, they respond well to treatment with ozone. All the clinical advantages as well as better use of oxygen by tissues, stimulates the immune system, and stimulates the body's own antioxidant against free radicals and stimulates the cells fighting. Positive effects of circulatory disorders in brain Moreover available (in these cases the physical performance decrease difficulty walking and felt dizzy. Additionally it is used to increase the addition of ozone treatment quality of life aftercare.

Ozone treatment of eye disease age-related circulatory disorders also affect the eye with atrophic and degenerative changes. For example, senile macular degeneration occurs in gelmektedir- visual center of the retina is sharp trough at the point of focus.Therefore, it is effective to varying degrees consisting of sugar goes up to the optic nerve atrophy. The clinical trials (Sienna in college) improvements in vision were recorded within 6-8 months after the ozone otohemotransfüzyo. If the observed increase in visual performance with continued therapy or further deterioration is determined to be stopped.

Ozone therapy as a complementary therapy in cancer patients is highly successful. Here ozone immune system (immune system) we use in the activation of the ultra-low dose. Immune cells - such as lymphocytes, helper and suppressor cells, lymphocytes, and natural killer cells (killer cells) - called cytokins to produce a precursor protein containing the interferon by the biological reactions of ozone initiated activated. In fact, ozone allows the body to produce increased amounts of its own interferon and interleukins. By administering to a patient's blood ozonated positive as increased immune reaction starts, it also contributes to the increase in the overall resistance of the body and fitness.

Skin fungi and infected skin lesions Ozone destruction characteristic of fungi and bacteria feature was used successfully in the treatment of drinking water for 100 years. These features, in combating persistent skin molds and fungi makes it a very effective treatment of medical ozone agent, particularly bacterial infection feet, the trunk of fungal infections, mucosal fungal / mycotic infections. Infected wounds are infected topical treatment of wounds, such as open bed sores (decubitus ulcers), lower leg ulcers (ulcus cruris), diabetic wound healing and gangrene, are the processes that belong to the classical application fields of medical ozone. Here we first of all, sterilized and clean wounds from the disinfectant properties of ozone to achieve, in other words, we take advantage of bactericidal and fungicidal effect. Cleaning of the wound healing process is accelerated by applying low doses of ozone. Proctitis and colitis inflammatory bowel disease, especially in the form of rectal ozone gas blowing into the local application in the early stages of bowel disease has proven to be very useful. In many cases, 10 consecutive sessions of ozone application is sufficient. Proctitis conducted on 248 patients in 10 clinical studies only need a few sessions of practice in 10% of patients. Diseases caused by herpes simplex virus (facial herpes), herpes zoster (shingles) Both types of herpes, are caused by viruses. Herpes of the lip (herpes labialis), a disease often is often repetitive and unpleasant, very successfully treated by a combination of ozone with other medical methods.

Herpes zoster, or shingles, ozone is beneficial complementary application, ozone and ozone water compresses can be treated in two different ways in the form of a blood transfusion. Liver inflammation (hepatitis A, B, C) Inflammation of the liver, counted among the classical indications for medical ozone. Hepatitis A (HVA = hepatitis A virus) and quite good compared to others problems, the other form of virus, hepatitis B (HVB = hepatitis B virus), the watch is often chronic. Here, in addition to conventional methods of medical treatment, blood transfusion or rectal way ozone ozone / oxygen gas has been used successfully with a controlled manner with administration. The same method also applies to the incubation period of many years duration and chronic liver disease can not be diagnosed as hepatitis C disease.

When dejeneralekle Eenflamasyonl and inflammatory diseases divided into three stages of joint disease, particularly stage 1 and 2, in other words, situations where there are severe bone deformation, that are responsive to medical ozone application.Osteoarthritis (knee joint inflammation) or active arthritic form included in the class respond to treatment in knee and shoulder joints. Standard medical methods to - specific exercise therapies - in addition to intra- articular injection of ozone is applied successfully in such cases. In addition to activating properties where ozone Strengthen the immune system and cartilage metabolism would benefit from anti-inflammatory properties altogether. Arthritic / Rheumatic situation - chronic polyarthritis and arthritic / rheumatic conditions with skeletal or muscular system, many painful, limited range of functions that can include diseases. It is generally used for this purpose as complementary application of medical ozone combined with physical therapy.Rheumatoid arthritis (chronic poly arthritis) ozone as a complementary major autohemotherapy successful in non- acute cases the studies. Here we used the anti-inflammatory effect is affected. Other diseases using the ozone treatment

  • Arthritis or arthritis
  • Atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries
  • Overweight or fatty liver due to alcohol intake and
  • Blood circulation disorders: circulatory problems in the brain or legs.
  • Rheumatic high cholesterol
  • Gout
  • Convalescence of severe disease.
  • Civilian or acne
  • Migraine
  • Sexual failure due to circulatory disorders in men
  • General fatigue and exhaustion states

Ozonepuncture punk application is actually a combination of acupuncture treatment with ozone therapy, a new treatment method.There are 12 pairs known as meridians used in acupuncture, acupuncture points are located on these meridians. Acupuncture has called chi energy flows between points in this meridian. Stimulation of the acupuncture points with ozone therapy gives an additional impetus to the flow of energy between the meridians. In addition to the cells in the fields of application of ozone in the ozone treatment of hemoglobin it is known to leave more oxygen. Thus, the cells in the region where the acupuncture point will therefore be exposed to more oxygen delivery.

Better oxygenation of cells in the treatment of acupuncture points will increase the effects of the treatment. Ozonepuncture increases the metabolism rate in practice for the treatment of weight loss and body strengthening and invigorating the brain endorphin release. Pain treatment gives very positive results in rheumatic disease group.

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