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How Old Do I Look?

This question is especially true for ladies whom they have accelerating skin aging process in the mid-30s therefore it should be referred to the important quest.

With advancing age, the elastin and collagen degradation in the skin structure and relaxation are formed. Skin is in a faster aging process. Especially the adverse environmental conditions of urban life fades, the skin is exposed to sun and age do not show due care for your skin means putting on your present age.

Acoustic Face Lift treatment to take effect from the first application and manages to eliminate all concerns.

Acoustic Increase In Skin Elasticity With Face Lift

Sagging skin gets normalized with the help of Acoustic Face Lift. Acoustic Face Lift enables self-repair mechanisms of the skin by increasing the activity and number of the cells of elastic fibers and collagen.

In 2008, the popular actress Madonna used this acoustic wave sensing that treated her, and later on in 2010, also was treated by the AWT systems of acoustic wave therapy on the basis of kidney stones which gained popularity within the press.

Without any scapel, a painless treatment for those who want to erase cellulite and innovation of the allegations continued its Acoustic Wave Technology… skin aging can stop sharply.

Acoustic Face Lifting - the rejuvenation process is as follows;

The data contained in the skin collagen and elastic fibers under the skin of youth and tension. DNA structure was destroyed and degraded collagen in skin renewal and collagen synthesis slowed deteriorates. This fundamental element of the subcutaneous connective tissue assumes an important role in skin re-configure it.

Acoustic Face Lift also located under the skin primary goal is to ensure the rebuilding of collagen, the main component of connective tissue.

Acoustic waves that reach under the tissue increases the number of elastic fibers in skin fibroblasts multiplying the lower layer of the skin. Thus, stimulation of subcutaneous connective tissue tightening occurs.

Impact and Persistence

Curing carried out by the Scientific Research Results Increase in skin elasticity is finally reach the 73 percent rate. In addition, 3 months after treatment cure bit of elasticity to increase the rate of 95 percent rate after 6 months has been shown to us in the Percentage Rate Yüzbeş.

Two-Phase Treatment

Cryolift skin with collagen therapy and is adsorbed to the first stage of treatment, followed by a cocktail of antioxidant face lift acoustic treatment is applied.

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