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The most common childhood obesity is recognized as one of chronic diseases. Over 100 million children at risk of obesity in the world, and will create the associated disease risk factors below.

Research shows that our country increased incidence of obesity in adolescents over the last 20 years. Unfortunately, the same rate of increase in community awareness is threatening the health of our children against this insidious and rapidly spreading disease.

Sedantr shown that among the causes of obesity (sedentary) lifestyle starts in other words, insufficient physical activity in childhood anymore. Coming home from school and spent most of his time with the children as friends in front of computer, television and meeting point for the same case in which adolescents fastfood restaurants. The same study shows that consumption of fruits and vegetables, especially adolescents declined rapidly. In this case, another cause of obesity is unhealthy and unbalanced nutritional value in compliance with the low-calorie high- nutrition criteria.

Solution Begins Family

How primarily in growing families need to move away from the approach to lose weight though. Here are essential to ensure the development of children, high nutritional value, a regular diet with enough vitamins and minerals is to create healthy food it receives.

If Your Child Is Kilole

Weight problems in children living a difficult process include weight loss compared to adults. First it applied a strict diet because it is the age of the child development. The development of children who are overweight in the fight against obesity in children and adolescents to enable them to reach the appropriate weight nutrition program is of great importance. However, the children adhere to a diet program and support in the fight against weight is more than is necessary to lose weight after a power continuity programs.

Pedipuncture - Child and Adolescent Weight With Confidence Gives Kids With Acupuncture

It emerges as a power attenuation process in children and adolescents. Children to enable to remain faithful to the diet and nutrition programs and made no sound completely natural chemical-free treatment as needed to encourage them ineffective. In this sense, we see that the very successful record pedipuncture.

Children and Adolescents acupuncture points to treat the Pedipun applied soles are made specifically for healthy weight loss stimulating a natural method of painless and without side effects. Help stimulate hunger center of the acoustic waves found on the soles of the feet and creates appetite control treatment in children and adolescents for healthy weight loss and new treatment success rate is quite high.

Pedipuncture acoustic waves used as a painless and painless method of treatment allows to be applied on children.

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