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Acoustic Mesotherapy

ACOUSTIC mesotherapy advanced applications, while the high-energy shock wave therapy treatment for circulatory disorders of the Mezotearap are able to treat more persistent problem at the maximum level of cellulite by breaking the hardened connective tissue elements. This treatment also offers acoustic waves ciltelastikiyet through enhancing and firming effects of relaxation and alastikiyet sorunlarına loss solutions.

Why More Permanent Treatment Cellulite Of Classic?

Cellulite is due to female hormones in the circulatory system disorders result arises. Assigns capillary circulation disorders due to oxygen in the vessel does not go well with the fat cells and fat cells swell. Lack of oxygenation good fats that can not be burned and swollen fat cells. In addition, under the influence of female hormones throws capillary vessels in muscles are contracted to unwind the wall in the range of vessels leak fluid texture ranges. However it sees a healthy lymphatic system scavenger tasks and assigns this accumulated liquid. However, slowing the female hormones, lymphatic system has an effect. This is the famous orange peel effect by increasing fat cells with fluid to accumulate in the tissue spaces. That such a success of the elimination of multiple causes of complex problem solving and cellulite treatment that will lead to more direct intervention can be achieved with a combined treatment approach. Therefore, we can say that; The multiple reasons causing cellulite Mesotherapy is an effective treatment that allows the elimination of acoustic. Because movement can be reduced not only eliminate the problem only grew fat cells removed with this treatment and can also be broken down by tough connective tissue called fibrous septa structure.

Although not successful application of Mesotherapy cellulite was imposed since 1952 it can not be counted again in a very long time. The reason for this was not known until last year but held on Cellulite issue studies showed a significant factor. This lies between the skin and fatty tissue that causes the orange peel appearance of cellulite was that it was quite hardened connective tissue structures. The mesotherapy is the most effective treatment for cellulite not even the hardened connective tissue degrades. Moreover, tissue fragments that can not sleep when it occurred or was the appropriate conditions to re-emerge. Here again the formation of cellulite and the reason for failure that was destroyed in spite of many applications. More permanently treat cellulite with acoustic mesotherapy application has been found. What should have answered the questions made to our success and to be much more focused approach to cellulite treatment has brought a new permanent solution.

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