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Acoustic mesotherapy advanced applications, while the high-energy shock wave therapy treatment for circulatory disorders of the Mezotearap are able to treat more persistent problem at the maximum level of cellulite by breaking the hardened connective tissue elements. This treatment also offers acoustic waves ciltelastikiyet through enhancing and firming effects of relaxation and alastikiyet sorunlarına loss solutions.

Cellulite is due to female hormones in the circulatory system disorders result arises. capillary circulation disorders due to oxygen in the vessel does not go well with the fat cells and fat cells swell. Lack of oxygenation, fats can not be burned and swollen fat cells remain. In addition, under the influence of female hormones throws capillary vessels in muscles are contracted to unwind the wall in the range of vessels leak fluid texture ranges. However it sees a healthy lymphatic system scavenger tasks and assigns this accumulated liquid. However, slowing the female hormones, lymphatic system has an effect. This is the famous orange peel effect by increasing fat cells with fluid to accumulate in the tissue spaces. That such a success of the elimination of multiple causes of complex problem solving and cellulite treatment that will lead to more direct intervention can be achieved with a combined treatment approach.

Therefore, we can say that; The multiple reasons causing cellulite Mesotherapy is an treatment that allows the elimination of acoustic. Because movement can be reduced not only eliminate the problem only grew fat cells removed with this treatment and can also be broken down by tough connective tissue called fibrous septa structure.

Classic Mesotherapy

Classical mesotherapy can now be administered in the use of pain kompressörl device.

With meso therapy, which means literally the word formed from the merger of therapy Mesotherapy word. First discovered by dr Circuit in France and was introduced into the service of medicine. This is a fairly common treatment day worldwide. Success in one of the main causes of cellulite treatment is so common and popular of Mesotherapy and medical treatment is effective in this regard. Now that the series has attracted many injections as possible to make the pain and suffering problem is resolved in the interest mesotherapy and also due to the success of local slimming and skin rejuvenation treatments using kompressörl system. Another reason is that in addition to a minimum of side effects expert hands. In fact, these days mesotherapy in most European countries, particularly France have a slimming and cellulite treatment aesthetic treatment of pain is so common. For example due to the minimal side effects and effective treatment of medical school in Paris is the first step mesotherapy pain. And with the first thought in the regional slimming cellulite treatment, otitis media visit commonly used method is. In the United States these days, Europe and the whole world of application of mesotherapy has become widespread. The most frequently used areas include mesotherapy

Regional Slimming and Cellulite Treatment

Local Weight Loss

  • Belly and surroundings: lubrication is found in this region more than in men as wives. Mesotherapy very effective and Mesolipolysis
  • Excess oil in the GI area and has the cheek to give answer to the mesotherapy and mezolipoliz
  • Thighs and buttocks in the lubrication of the knee are most commonly applied mesotherapy. addition, back and arms in the interior are responding well to treatment yağlanmaları
  • Skin rejuvenation treatments or mesolifting
  • PROTECTIVE Mesotherapy in using birth control pills or estrogen or progesterone pills for various reasons: because these drugs cause lubrication and mesotherapy for cellulite protector is applied in this case.

Pain Treatment

Cellulite and Mesotherapy

Cellulite is a disease that can be seen particularly in proportions which had ninety percent of pregnancies in women starting at puberty and menopause. It gives orange peel appearance of skin by squeezing. Ösroj and femininity are the biggest cause hormone called progesterone in the formation of cellulite. This hormone is impaired by the effects of capillary circulation environment is also kept under the skin of water and salt. In fact, cellulite formation in the capillary veins, arteries and capillaries and lymphatic system such as the three different types of movement disorders.

Mesotherapy in the drug combinations for these three types of circulatory disorders and also in combination with other medicines are accelerating fat metabolism. We can summarize the formation of cellulite. Estrogen and progesterone hormones disrupt the capillary structure of the vein wall and loosening the muscles prune the capillary into the tissue causes the fluid to escape from the vein range.

Normally, when fluid accumulates in the subcutaneous region of the collecting system, which has not assign the sluggish lymph system and increases the fluid accumulation and fluid accumulation in these areas. That creates waste liquid increases and the pressure. This pressure build-up adversely affects their metabolism in the fat cells by compression. Already hormone effects by narrowed arteries in the capillary well enough oxygen slows the metabolism of fat cells to fat cells and fat cells are not present due to causes swelling becoming famous orange peel appearance. This drug will be individually mixed complicated disorders interfere with the way each disorder may be able to implement locally so mesotherapy.

Cause Side Effects Of Mesotherapy Is Minimal Or Very Small

Except allergies can occur rarely in the hands of experts mesotherapy has no side effects. Because the drugs used in mesotherapy doses well below the normal dose. That is not used in the dose absorbed into the blood to show a systemic effect or side effects. Thus drug blood level does not occur. That's why many in Western countries mesotherapy method ever used drugs liver or kidney function that can not be broken even if the patient is avoided in the method used freely without pain or weight loss treatment.

Cellulite and Localized Fat Mesotherapy

His real name, but as usual, but hidrolipodistrof which occur due to wrong or disease primarily mikrolaşımsal bozukuk denilenproble cellulite. The skin and gold in order to explain better the cellulite formation mechanism must revise some anatomical features. The top layer of the epidermis, the skin gets the name and 0. 2 mm thin. The bottom layer of the epidermis is the dermis name. Dermis layer creates the connective network is 4 mm thick and cells called fibroblasts from the skin which is responsible for the renewal or creases are located in this layer. The more intense the fatty tissue below the skin that are the subcutaneous tissue.

Essentially hidrolipodistrof is our problem or disease or disease that we call cellulite cllt subcutaneous fat tissue. Blood circulation and lymphatic system breakthrough is regulated by a number of factors. First, there is a mixed layer of the vascular network that provides the washing mentioned above. This mixed vascular structures managed by the cleaning system has two major functions. Metabolism provides important requirements and is responsible for regulation of body temperature.

Blood circulation system and its role in the regulation of lymphatic flow is that hormonal levels. Fluid balance between the hormones progesterone and follicles provide breakthrough and involvement. A significant imbalance between cells occurs in the case of hormonal imbalance fluid production. Mikrolaşımsal failure by disrupting the normal functioning of the excessive amount of fat cells causes the growth of fat cells to form fats.

They began the accumulation of fluid between cells and a range of challenging cycle lipids in fat cells and accumulated fluid pressure and lymphatic system consists of pressure changes in the fat cells. Oil-cells and excess oil İçerikdeki Provincial fog they remained almost locked cause swelling to occur. As a result, the famous orange peel cellulite occurs. These types are also hyperbaric treatment for cellulite problems and microinjection roaming arrangements, mesotherapy is appropriate and effective treatment. Because here are three different types of circulatory disorders and complex three types of circulatory disorder in question is only possible with a combination of medication separately for each. In addition, the combination of accelerating the appropriate fat burning mesotherapy treatment drugs must be added. Acupuncture and dietary adjustments, vacuum fefleksoterap therapy, sound waves are beyond help other treatments mesotherapy. Oxygen capsule is an effective method used to help in this regard in recent

Menopause Period in Mesotherapy Weight

Premenopausal in parallel to the reduction of hormone production in the body occurs in some physiological alterations. One of these changes, especially the bottom weight. This type has its own distinct structure. So that first begins to form soft cellulite on the legs inside. For ladies I have never experienced such a problem until this term is fairly new and amazing event and would be very uncomfortable. In a sense, it can not give.

A second feature of the weight or hidrolipodistrofi formed in this period is the formation of a second hub in the abdomen under the navel. In fact, this is a tedious life in addition to the shortage of medical and aesthetic problems of menopause period. A major disadvantage of this period in terms of health in the period up to the heart of coronary artery atherosclerosis that is thoroughly reduced the production of female hormones that prevent calcification. Usually low- dose hormone therapy for hot flushes called flushing head area is also recommended in order to compensate for this deficiency, facial flushing and discomfort, insomnia, are other difficulties complaining.

Although still low dose hormone preparations containing natural estrogen sage is the method which ensures the relative benefits gynecologists often recommend. Acupuncture therapy is a treatment that is quite relaxing effects without side effects during this period. The micro- injections in the treatment of soft cellulite Treatment at City can be quite satisfactory results. Electrolifting still in the treatment of soft cellulite, reflexotherapy vacuum massage therapy can be used as an adjunct to microinjection methods. Also inside of the leg and sometimes need to implement tightening mesotherapy for relaxation occurs in the abdomen. At the beginning of the nutritional properties of this income to get enough protein. Usually white meat should be preferred.

Fat-free yogurt or milk should be taken as but not necessarily below a certain rate. But more should be followed in terms of cholesterol they exaggerated this time. Another subject of this period, increasing water intake to be considered is the reduction of salt intake.

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