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Erection problems, decreases sexual performance and a new approach to shock wave acupuncture in impotence.

152 million men experiencing erectile dysfunction worldwide. This figure is expected to reach 222 million in 2025. Navigating very high rates over 40 years, including changes in diet and life style impotence-impotence primarily draws to quite down the age limit with the addition of other factors. At the same time in ten, fifteen years before the impotence and / or issue has emerged as more of a psychological cause dayandırılırk that today 80% of physical reasons play a role in the development of this condition.

Both impotence should both decrease in performance as a result of a lower quality of life drastically changing the negative conditions of a sex life is in front of us. Overweight, particularly the problems are common in men who have sexual performance on grease around the waist and abdomen and is gradually increasing the impotence complaints.

Impotence to determine the factors that while there was a widespread problem that creates this problem is of great importance. In recent years, relations -obezit impotence reveals widespread this problem factors pulling down the age limit for investigating the activities going on that series.

Women of whether being overweight male human health today is known right now is threatened in many ways. Developing hypertension due to increased body weight, imbalances in blood lipids, diabetes, stroke and cancer, especially stomach - for men over 96cm waist circumference is known to bring the impotence problems receiving destination.

Obese, especially the waist and a decrease in testosterone levels in men with grease around the abdomen, increase estrogen levels, creating the problem of impotence arteriosclerosis. Also obesity, especially it causes a serious reduction in sperm production around the waist and abdominal adiposity. Research proves that the problem occurred in people with grease around the waist and abdomen.

Therefore, men with fat and grease around the waist belly are faced with a problem arising from the modern era adverse conditions.

Focus Shock Wave Therapy Acupuncture therapy developed as a new generation of bi-directional approach it is effective with the impotence or impotence problems.

As is known, the physical causes of erectile dysfunction are largely dominated by the circulatory problems or psychological depends on certain oranlarda with those. Acupuncture shock wave formed in the solution of problems with psychological causes of impotence shows impact by balancing the nervous system.

In the vascular circulation bozukug Focus Shock Wave Acupuncture treatment-induced physical cause the transfer of the body of the shock wave produced outside the body increases the blood flow to the genital area. On the other hand, this strong shock waves generated outside the body carries a very wide field of application. Impotence or degradation of performance raises the most important one of the reasons for the success of the treatment of abdominal and core environmental elimination of lubrication problems. Thus disorders caused by blood clots that cause impotence getting into the level of testosterone in the body, the normal range is reduced with the increase of blood flow.

Performance Upgrades

In fact, in the abdominal adiposity, smoking and erectile problems due to circulatory disorders do not occur do not rise suddenly but rather occur following a cruise in years. So, when this gets recognized by your doctor, the performance enhancement must be done for your own health.

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