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Wrong Diets Unhealthy Lives

To get rid of excess weight is the necessity of health priorities. Humanity has discovered it centuries ago and has continued working on this subject in a scientific context. This is the opposite behavior is spreading incorrect diets that struck a serious blow to your health.

How to Eat What Should You Do?

Fast food: Digestion begins in the mouth. The well-chewed food sour digestive organs. Very chew. If you do not have time to eat eat as much as you can digest.

Much of the food: The less fully developed than the kind of saturation at the table

Meals close together: The stomach and intestine needs time to fulfill his duties. 4-5 hours is required for normal digestion. Between your meals should be so.

Avoid eating between meals: Ingestion you tired.

Eating at night: Sleep delays digestion. The body getting tired the next day.

Do not eat when angry: Nervous system can not help digestion 7 hour's sleep: Lack of sleep can lead to digestive disorders.

Plenty of hot spicy dishes: Disrupt the digestive sap stomach irritation ederel chemical composition.

Excessive sugar: Sugar is quickly sour substance. Adversely affects all the organs related to digestion.

Coffee Break: Acts on the nervous system and have a negative effect on digestion.

Chewing gum: It replicates the acid in the stomach.

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