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Which Food Slims?

Plenty of fiber and pulp which foods deplete you. This material creates a feeling of fullness even if consumed in small quantities as fill the stomach. These fibers also helps the body to release energy. As it is known, such as the need to stay away from refined carbohydrate foods.

Of carbohydrate ingested is stored as fat in more protein.

Taken to lose weight and is about balancing the calories burned. There is a certain amount of calories you eat every food.

1 gr. Oil: 9 kg Calories
1 gr Karbonhidrat: 4 kg Calories
1 gr. Protein: 0, 5 kg Calories

Calorie account is taken zayıfal requirement. 12-15`% of the calories we take protein, fat and 25-30`% should be from carbohydrate 50-60`%.

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