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Sugar Truth

Diabetes of today's most common and most damaging to human start recalling that one of several dangerous diseases. Diabetes is the result of inefficiency or lack of insulin produced by the pancreas is the state of the rise of blood sugar and type 2.

Type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes

In Type 1 diabetes, the pancreas has stopped making insulin or the cells depends on very low diabetes (diabetes mellitus) is a species. Because insulin must be taken not release insulin from the outside. Which is the type of diabetes seen in children or young people in the early stages.

Type 2 diabetes; Are not dependent on insulin levels, the pancreas continues to old age the production of insulin normal or near normal, but insulin reasons such as overweight status does not show glucose to insert effect task into the cells to the desired extent and increases blood sugar. It usually occurs after the age of 35 -40 s.

Without insulin, sugar and other nutrients we get from food can not enter the cells that need it. Thus, cells unsweetened shooting, blood sugar rises above normal values. Blood sugar levels rise too high, creating a poison and destroy all cells of the body.

Symptoms of Diabetes

  • Weight loss
  • Susceptibility to infection and the inability to quickly heal wounds
  • Increased appetite and eat a lot
  • Frequent Urination
  • Very silent, drinking and thirst

How To Diagnose Diabetes Thread

After 12 hours of fasting in the diagnosis of diabetes blood sugar measurement is repeated in the event of higher than 126 topics. Or 2 hours after the test, called the oral glucose tolerance test or OGTT glucose load test clear blood sugar 200mg'dl or on the go.

Hidden Sugar

In fact, they are not apparent after a while someone will develop diabetes, but real diabetes.

These people are usually overweight and bad eating habits. If diagnosed in time before the development of diabetes and excessive weight drops quite verdirildiği if the risk of developing diabetes. 75g sugar, is given to individuals in the diagnosis of hidden sugar and blood sugar goes if the measurements made between 140-199 after two hours it is considered as hidden sugar. A proper nutritional habits and similar style will be walking along with regular exercise, largely prevents the passage of the hidden sugar diabetes individuals.

Stay Away From Refined Food

Unprocessed foods instead of refined products should be preferred. Brown rice instead of rice or bulgur wheat pasta instead of white pasta, whole wheat bread instead of white bread, rye bread or oat bread should be terci.

Which Fruit?

Low or moderate glycemic index of fruits fruits should be preferred. Watermelon, grapes, figs, bananas, such as high-glycemic menu instead are apple, pear, peach, mandarin, fruits like plums should be preferred. For example, a green apple is ideal for people with diabetes to be sahurda.

Situation In Legumes

Dry beans, lentils, chickpeas, peas, legumes such as pinto beans split in two above-mentioned iftar dinner, soup and are the ideal food to be eaten a few hours after breakfast.

Meat and Fish Status

Restrictions diabetics in meat and fish in terms of the criteria of heart and vascular health as possible from high-fat and cholesterol than meat and offal should be avoided. Indeed, the impact would have on the degradation of diabetes and high cholesterol, fatty foods vessels to be made by the effect of the addition is avoided.

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