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Salt Harmful

Salt, fluids inside the human body caused by the stabilizer. Our blood has 7gra salt per liter. It prevents cells dispose of excess salt water. Waste accumulate in the body over time, and that waste is dangerous.

An adult human in need of 6 to 10 g of salt. between. We sprinkle our food when determining this limit beyond the salt that we have to get directly to ignore the salts present in the food we consume. There is an interesting relationship between potassium and salt. The rate at which the body loses potassium salt consumed; Potassium salt beat it leaves the body in the rate.

Potassium: It reduces the risk of hypertension, increases bone mineral density. What's that? Red and white meat, fish, milk, okra, bananas, tomatoes, bell peppers and oranges.

Increasing the salt intake, obesity, nephritis (kidney inflammation), it brings in diseases such as hypertension and vascular stiffness. Research has shown that children consume more salt than adults. Because children love the sweet biscuits, can be found in high levels of salt in many products such as puddings realized that these products are not evaluated in the sweet category.

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