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It has strong antioxidant properties.

It strengthens the immune system. Ozone therapy is triggered by the body with antioxidants and fight free radicals, which are primarily responsible for aging. Ozone red and general well-being people with metabolic activation of white blood cells themselves are feeling renewed. In men, sexual dysfunction is received beneficial results.

Strong Immune System

SI sudden changes, turning of the seasons, eating disorders, unhealthy diets and frequent, infection weakens the immune system against the flu by adverse environmental conditions, and many are losing body resistance to disease.

Ozone Therapy Against Infection

High-energy oxygen which we all know is the state of the ozone. Ozone treatment for people who can not be given by inhalation, such as oxygen. If inhaled because of its strong oxidizing properties of the pure shows Irritating effect after a certain dose. But ozone is very easily absorbed from the skin and tissue. Its overall ozonation for ozone treatment is done through the blood. The ozonization of blood is returned to him or the blood of the ozonated or ozone to tissue outside of the respiratory system is contacted in various ways.

Ozone is a very short time after passing into the bloodstream into the cells begin to show the effects of high-energy form of oxygen. The cells according to their characteristics and responses thereto various types of data. Especially in areas with insufficient oxygen red blood cells from blood cells in the bone marrow quickly alert his other hand to begin the construction of new red blood cells to carry oxygen provides. Platelets and endothelial cells makes the secretion of growth factors with these warnings if we call.

In this way, wound healing is accelerated. Some components occur in the blood leads to vasodilatation. Stimulation of blood cells known as neutrophils and strengthens the immune system known as cytokine synthesis immune system increase.

Ozone Domains

  • Feeling good: The public statements of people who saw themselves Ozone therapy is very good, I feel fit and healthy.
  • The strength of the immune system: people suffering from various diseases enables contracting such diseases again next easily get rid of this disease.
  • The elevation of blood circulation: the one hand to insufficient blood supply in the blood vessel by expansion of blood cells on the other hand to accelerate the construction leads to go better. In this way a variety of vascular disorders are treated.
  • New cell production: as a result of increased cell production may be possible to close the wound healing. On the other hand after the birth alongside the aging human cells, restoring the health of the aging every day, reach out to young cell is provided. The regeneration of degraded tissue structure is made possible by ozone.
  • Detox effect: protection from potential damage by the removal of harmful substances in the human body occurs.
  • Antimicrobial effect: any known virus, bacteria, fungi, allows the die of various disease factors. In this way can not be treated medically or treatment, it is possible to treat the disease extremely difficult.
  • Relieving pain: Besides eliminating the causes of pain by removal of chemical compounds which cause the pain felt pain sensation ensures that disappears shortly
  • Anticarcinogenic effects: In general, cancer cells are formed in the absence of oxygen and urea. Carcinogenic cells in tissue oxygen gained through high ozone lose their ability to reproduce.
  • Improve the quality of life: Provided that means reducing people's physical and mental problems in addition to all the benefits or increases in value by destroying the so-called quality of life.
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