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Before opening the anti-oxidants it is worth mentioning the meaning of his words the opposite. What are antioxidants with anti-oxidant, anti-oxidants that the anti-oxidant word.

We define oxidized material as rusty. The chemical reason for this is quite simple. Oxygen will contact each article oxide. For example, corrosion of iron or fish died after exiting the water, are the harmful effects of oxygen.

The air we breathe oxygen, free radicals in the body called and toxic (poisonous) causes the formation of certain substances. Other than that our body is constantly formed oxidizing agents. The sources of these substances are mostly chemical events that occurred during the energy production and consumption of food.

Environmental pollution, stress, fatigue, depression, ultraviolet rays, smoking etc. prepare the ground for the formation of many negative factors such as oxidant oxidant formed outside of the human body.

A combination of these factors over time our cells and harmful substances which we define as our free radicals our bodies and cause corrosion. The human body is unable to deal with those natural antioxidants that he self-produced vitamins and secretes enzymes against oxidants and tried to make them harmless. But it may be sometimes insufficient.

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