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Specialist Dr. Ismail Agar was born in 1961. In 1985, he graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Medicine. He studied in the neurology department as a volunteer physician at Istanbul University Medicine Faculty Neurology and also worked as a research assistant physician at Istanbul Haydarpasa Siyami Ersek Pulmonary, Thoracic and Cardiovascular Hospital Surgery Center and specialized in Anaesthesia Intensive Care and Nutrition. After the medical school, he began working in the fields of acupuncture, mesotherapy and medical aesthetics.

He attended many studies in Paris to apply new methods in mesotherapy along with the inventor of Mesotherapy Dr. Michel Pistor, worked on the development of mesotherapy with drugs and also stuied with the first inventor doctors of medical aesthetics in Paris Dr. Herzog, Dr. Lecoz. He he worked as a physician at the hospital observer of Mesotherapy at Paris Medical School. Applications with hyaluronic acid fillers used in facial rejuvenation and wrinkle treatment applications all over the world today and even after France, they have begun to get used in Turkey as well. He has memberships in France and the International Mesotherapy Union, and served as Mesotherapy Association founder member of the medical aesthetic association and also founding member of the Cardiovascular Surgery Association member, acupuncture association member, disabled animal rehabilitation and support association founding member of the Medical Ozonee Association and founding member of anesthesiology and reanimation association member. In medical aesthetic mesotherapy and weakening association, several seminars congress, fillers and botox applications was presented by him. Between 1997-1999 years, he made multiple TV appearances on ’’healthy weight loss in MCI health-generation’’ and on ’’mesotherapy – acupuncture’’ is the subject of acupuncture. 2007-2011 years, he wrote related stuff into the columnof health corner in the newspaper called ‘’Bugun’’.

In 1993, scientific studies of acupuncture and weight loss with acupuncture thesis from the University of Toronto Prof. Dr. Bruz Pomeranz with Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States by publishing Acupuncture as a medical procedure allowing the adoption of a special acupuncture and homeopathy doctor Home Queen Elizbeth Prof. Dr. And Prof. Anton Jayasuriya Dr.Acupuncture and homeopathy doctors in Sri Lanka from the Nightingale and received a degree thesis in acupuncture slimming.

At Istanbul Haydarpasa Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Thoracic Hospital, his studies in asthma treatment with Acupuncture Research Hospital, was published in the World Health Organization union congress.

He is an acupuncture certificate holder and medical Aesthetic practice certificate holders since 1995, by the Ministry of Health. He published in various domestic and foreign medical journals and conference presentations about his available scientific studies. . .

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