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Dr Ismail Agar neurons and neuron activation program with Weight Loss Diet and Healthy Life with antiaging Methods

New Method For Those Who Want To Lose Weight, "Drop The, Diet, Supply Your Own Neurons"

Neurophysiology those who want to get rid of excess weight, new research conducted in the field of neurobiology and nutrition and offers results of clinical studies will breathe. This information is light in weight and we have made over the years about obesity and control activities of the body to those who want to get rid of the consequences of overweight and could impair our health that contemplates the soul will save you from slimming effort will be worthwhile to mention a novelty.

Do not Tire your body and soul "Your brain may lose weight for you"

Also holds in other words, the body that controls the entire body of skilled managers who maintain smooth functioning brain cells such as neurons, weight control carried out by the heaviest jobs in the functioning of the system. You çıkarad justify based on acupuncture treatment to centuries in a sense, a new term studies fundamental to the stimulation of specific points in the brain that has been found of Chinese Results studies and obtained about obesity and weight loss at this point today is drawn, even after centuries of gold of this fact. Feeding the activity of hunger and satiety center in the central core scientific publications and shows can be opened and closed brain made some new treatment. In this case we face and she reveals a truth known to the ancient rediscovered again and again: to provide central control of hunger and satiety center in the brain is the golden formula to lose weight. Some hormones in our body controls the hunger. Happy news is that hunger can turn opens as the control center. All the while this control mechanism takes place in the hypothalamus region of the brain.

Lose Weight By Eating Over 14 Months Via The Neuron Diet and Shock Wave Therapy

Scientific studies are the most important guiding physicians working in the field weakening. Or refute the rapid change of diet method shows that every day more closer to reality. If persistence continues to verify basic. That's right at the beginning of the delicate acoustic wave which controls the hunger center (shock wave acupuncture treatment) suppressed the hunger center of therapy, the brain hormone regulation, such as endorphin and serotonin, comes satiety center activation and neuronal nutrition programs. This great duo by 10 to 35 kilos in weight loss success not weakened, reducing the fat and proves with their 's surprising change.

The Truth Behind Healthy Weight Loss

So far, diet programs available to you, I know that he was running with your soul and your diet lists and body. If you suffer from menopause weight gain, you see that it has become received, is given increasingly difficult to lose weight, the students and working life feeding your busy working If concentrations are aware of the deficiencies in your success is making a mistake with cliches method, and you ignore the power of your neurons and you can hurt your important neurons and you risked your severely health means . Neurons in the diet made with the nutrition program made possible by feeding the right to a healthy and rapid weight loss. Neurons hunger and nutrition programs, particularly in the treatment of neuronal activation using shock wave therapy and acupuncture treatments for central control food combinations are important. The program, jointly and simultaneously stimulates the brain neurons of specific food groups consumed is based on the principle to the active. Which you will move hour, at what times, basic orientation program creates a digital atlas of feeding much you eat is the control of satiety center.

Antiaging and Neuron Program

Neurons and diet program one of the most important benefits of increasing the resistance to oxidation of all body cells as well as neurons and rejuvenating, is slowing down aging and retrogressive act.

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